I am not about giving the same five standard adjustments to every patient that comes in. That is how the high-volume/high-overhead practices operate. It's a "Shotgun" approach. Not every patient will respond well to the same single treatment. That is a numbers game.

I have a more targeted and individualized philosophy. More of a "Laser-Gun" approach. I have been trained at a dozen or so Techniques of Chiropractic treatment, and frequently incorporate three to six in each visit according to your needs on that particular day. This takes extra time and cannot be rushed.

This does not fit in with the high-volume/high-overhead practice model where you walk into a glamorous setting and you're handled by multiple staff. This may be more attractive but costs a lot and requires large numbers of patients and many extra “the latest thing” (but not fully proven) therapies with each visit and you may only see the Doctor for the same three-minute adjustment for the same 20 to 30 visit treatment plan everyone "needs" (as long as it'll use up all the insurance benefits).

I have a more basic approach. You are here for my treatment, everything rotates around this fact. If I can keep overhead low, then I can concentrate on having a Quality practice, rather than a Quantity practice. This is why I have set-up my practice in modest surroundings and avoid personnel costs by doing most practice activities myself.

The main problem with the "Shotgun" approach is not every patient has the same condition. Even an individual patient’s condition will change as the treatment goes on. As you improve, the layers of your issues are peeled away. Revealing older, deeper issues.

Even if you are coming in for a new serious injury, beyond pain relief there is rebuilding. It takes time and the proper assistance for your tissues to mend and repair themselves to how they were before the injury. If only pain is addressed and rebuilding is not properly cared for, over the years it can develop into a degenerative condition.

I want to address these issues too. If it remains and allowed to fester, even though it’s usually tolerable, eventually it will return worse than before due to the added degeneration.

When a condition has been around for a while and you develop a pain, what you are feeling when you first come in is not always all there is. Your body has been putting down layer upon layer of issues trying to compensate for what started it all. Eventually your body can’t compensate further without pains developing for which you’ve no idea what the cause is.

EVERY visit I SEARCH for the specific condition that is primary that day for compromising your health. I then formulate a specific treatment to apply for THAT issue to peel away that layer. This assures you can live a healthier and a more fulfilling life.


I have a humble facility. Firstly, it reflects my philosophy that being basic and natural is the healthiest way of life. Second it keeps costs down so I can focus on treating fewer patients more thoroughly and not have the monetary pressure to see a large patient load to meet expenses and instead give a more focused and individualized treatment for each patient.

I also try to create a relaxed and friendly informal atmosphere with open doors, friendly banter with patients, a live-fish aquarium and fun reading materials for all ages and genders. I also do my best to educate my patients to understand how and why their body works, how it becomes dysfunctional and how to heal it, using all natural means available.

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