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loper22.jpg David Loper, DC: has clinical experience for over 29 years.  From pediatric to geriatric.  Traditional AND Light-Touch methods.

Excels treating neck, back, hips, shoulders, wrists, knees, TMJ, Headaches, as well as pain/numbness/tingling in the arms or legs.

"I put in the time and effort to reveal and remove the root CAUSE of you problem.  This not only gives RELIEF but improves your structural integrity, slowing or reversing any related degenerative processes."

He also enhances your healing process with rehabilitative exercises, pain-relieving therapy, and natural supplements and vitamins to help build your inner health. Read more about Dr. Loper

Billing Service: Acclaim Medical Billing Service ; Deborah Aker

Deborah handles most insurance claims. She coordinates with Sherree to enter necessary patient and Insurance information, proceedure codes and charges. She then sends these claims by electronic clearing house to the appropriate insurance companies. When the insurance sends responses and payments she applies the payments and price adjustments as directed by the insurance and generates reports on practice activity and billing invoices to patients.

Office Assistant: Sherree Paschall

Sherree provides invaluable service to Dr. Loper, relieving him of certain office chores to focus on patients' treatments. She enters information on patients demography, non-insurance charges and practice health, and mailings of birthday's and reminders.

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