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Dr. David W. Loper, DC

"My purpose in is to support as many people in their quest for health, through non-surgical, drugless, natural, spinal correction and supportive therapies and guidance on exercise and nutrition."

I take the time to evaluate each patient to clearly identify the underlying condition that's causing their symptoms and determine whether treatment with Chiropractic is appropriate or should they be seen by a different medical practitioner.  I am open to working with Medical Providers/Doctors of all specialties to assure patients receive the best possible care.

Every patient is treated as an individual and every effort is made to reveal each person's underlying cause of their problem.  This way I can help you improve as fast and thoroughly as possible.

Some clinics do not exam/screen new patients and go right into adjusting them.  I feel this is dangerous and irresponsable and can lead to some patients ending up worse.

Other clinics give everyone the same set of treatments to speed-up the visit so they can see a maximum of clients.  This is unfair to the people commiting their trust.  They can feel like being processed like a number.

I feel every person shows up with a different set of problems and requires a customized set of treatments.  This even applies as they progress in their healing.  As some conditions improve and others become more predominant, the treatment must change with this progress.

My practice in Georgetown, Texas specializes in treating a variety of conditions.  I treat patients daily who suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, work injuries and whiplash.

My care is unique in that I utilize a variety of Chiropractic techniques, from the familiar traditional forceful to very light-touch methods to achieve the correction necessary.  Each patient is given the opportunity to request the level of force they feel best with.  Along with Chiropractic care I provide physio-therapy methodologies (gentle electric stimulation, etc.), exercise therapy, as well as professional ergonomic advice and Nutritional Therapy to promote inner health and healing.

Conditions treated include long-term chronic pain or acute issues such as at-home injuries, auto accidents, industrial injuries or sports injuries.

Some symptoms improved under my care have been Back Pain, Neck Pain, Head Aches, Shoulder and Arm pain and numbness, Hip and Leg Pain and Numbness, Wrist and Hand Pain and Numbness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Pinched Nerves, Stiffness or Blocked Movement, Spinal Degeneration and Arthritis Relief, Organ Dysfunction and Poor Circulation caused by Spine and Central Nervous System dysfunctions called Subluxations as well as General Malaise and Weakness brought on by the Stress and Strain of a Malfunctioning Spine.

If after a consultation and examination I've determined your problems can be resolved with Chiropractic care, I can begin work on the tight muscles, irritated nerves and joints of your malfunctioning spine or 'extremity' (arms, legs, TMJ).  Restoring the body to its natural alignment, balance and flexibility removes stress from the muscles, joints, discs and nerves, giving your body a chance to heal.  The procedures are so gentle, there should be little or no discomfort with any of the treatment.

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